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February 25, 2019


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Importance of Faith

Faith is a primary necessity in this life. In fact, Martin Luther King once said that, Faith is taking the first step on a stair when you cant see the whole staircase. This means that you will be making steps forward without even knowing what is ahead of you or even whats next. The bible is full of messages about faith. Below are facts to mull over and they will help you acknowledge the significance of faith in life.

To begin with, faith is integral when it comes to displacing or rather moving mountains. There is a misconception among people when it comes to moving mountains and they tend to believe that its lifting the mountain and moving it elsewhere. This doesnt eliminate the fact that your life will at all times have mountains that needs to move for you to move forward. Some of the mountains in life seem so permanent and they tend to hinder your potentials and capabilities. Thus, its only through exercising faith that you manage to move mountains that act as stumbling blocks. There is no doubt that the law of nature tends to dictate that mountains cant be moved but the law of faith speaks otherwise as it affirms that one can move mountains. In other words, with faith, mountains will never be a problem.

Secondly, there is always need for you to have unwavering faith in your workplace. Where you are employed, you might always face difficulties from your employers whenever you start preaching about your faith. However, where you believe, you will manage to walk in alignment of your faith and this is an integral way of living by faith and using your faith. Therefore, you will always find yourself being fully dependent on something thats greater than you and that will enable you become one of the best employees. There are higher chances that some of the colleagues at work or even your boss is the mountain that stumbles you in life and this mountain will move through faith. This is also a fundamental way for you to start augmenting healthy relationships with your loved ones.

The other fundamental way for you to have faith is when you walk into the bank and realize that your bank accounts are reading negative. People are always worried when it comes to their bank account balances. As the economy skyrockets, many people find themselves having the problem of negative balances in their accounts. However, where you have faith, life will be viewed differently especially your financial life. With faith, you will have a negative balance in your bank account immediately after your payday but you will always learn to be hopeful that all your financial needs will be met.

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