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Commodity Market – An Ideal Platform for Capital Investment

October 9, 2018


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A commodity market is a market where trades take place in primary rather than manufactured products. These products include soft commodities & hard commodities. Soft commodities include agriculture products like wheat, coffee, sugar along with various others. Hard commodities include gold, silver, oil etc. Unlike stock & share market, goods can be delivered physically in commodity trading as per investors’ needs & requirements. In India, there are many people, who are interested in investing in this market according to their custom needs & requirements; that too within their financial budget. vivo v15 pro

There are two main exchanges where commodity trading takes place by investors. One is MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.) while another is NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange). MCX is an independent exchange of India, which was situated in Mumbai and established in 2003. In 2009, it was declared as the world’s sixth largest exchange, which were traded with commodity. It offers futures trading in bullion along with energy, ferrous & non-ferrous metals. And various agricultural commodities like wheat, potatoes, mentha oil, cardamom, palm oil etc. It has taken the third place amongst the global commodity bourses in terms of the number of future contracts traded in 2012. check out this page

Along with MCX, NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) is another dominant online multi commodity exchange in India. It is a national level exchange which operations are managed by an independent board of directors and professional management. Moreover, it’s regulated by FMC (Forward Market Commission). NCDEX offers futures trading in 31 agriculture and non-agriculture commodities. It facilitates delivery of various commodities through a network of over 590 accredited warehouses through 8 warehouse service providers with storage capacity of around 1.5 million tonnes. baccarat

Although commodity market provides an ideal platform for capital investment for investors in India but at the same time, you can lose your hard-earned money if you do it without any proper guidance of a prominent commodity advisory firm. Your capital would be at a high risk if you don’t do investment in commodity market without getting any proper guidance of experienced financial advisor & analysts. For this, you should choose a prominent financial advisory, which has been providing affordable, accurate & beneficial services in India for many years. Accuracy & effectiveness of commodity tips provided by these institutions must be observed thoroughly by investors so that they could decide that their services are well suited for them or not. In this era, there are several sources available by which you can check accuracy of data of various commodity advisory firms and take your decisions to make an ideal investment. here you can buy weed in Detroit, Michigan with free delivery

Trading Tips for Indian Commodity Market

October 9, 2018


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In India there are two major markets or in other words we can trade in two markets, one is stock market or equity market and other is commodity market. If you want to invest more amount and earn maximum profit then the Indian Commodity market is best for you. Before the trading in Indian commodity market you should be aware about the trading tips for commodity market. Some important trading tips are given below:

Knowledge: It is the first step for trading. You should have full information about the market where you are trading. You should have knowledge about MCX and NCDEX which are two major part of commodity market and also information about the products which are comes in it. eastcoastbusinessbrokers

Account: You must have to create an account within a reputed broker registered to NCDEX or MCX. After creating an account you need to choose the commodities like as gold, silver, metals, crude oil, natural gas etc. that you are willing to tradeing. warehousing services in bangalore

Contracts: After select your commodities you have three to six contracts open that will be invalid or expired after the certain period of time. Then you required to set an order to purchase or sell or you can do both at the same time. Every commodity trading is only margin based and has a specific margin price by the exchanges that must be paid for your trading. Generally, the margin value varies within 5 to 20% and do change by the exchanges periodically. Change happen only when the market becomes excessively speculative. vacate cleaning melbourne

Diversification: Diversification of investment is one of the most important tips for the concept of commodities trading. Keep your eyes and ears open and try not to miss even a single piece of relevant information related to commodities market. Do not rely completely on the actions of other speculators. Apply your own wisdom and techniques before making any significant move. Don’t invest all your money in one market or on one type of commodity. This is the best way to hedge your risk and play safe. Instagram is one of the most trending social media platform. It can be fruitful for marketing campaigns if you are using Instagram for some business purpose. For this purpose you must have good number of followers on Instagram profile. You can use to buy non drop Instagram followers with PayPal. Because it is necessary to have quality followers on your profile instead of just number count. For effective social media marketing campaigns you can buy this service and enjoy visibility go viral.

Other Tips: In the commodity trading most of the investors want to sell or buy their contacts at the eleventh hour of the market. They wait and hope that their profit will be maximized significantly by that but that is really bullshit. This happens because of lack of knowledge regarding the trading method in the commodity trading. Before buying or selling your contracts you must have to calculate your profits and its future prospect as well. You should only sell or buy at a convenient time when the calculation favors you. You may take risk by waiting till the deadline of your contracts when it undoubtedly confirms your profit otherwise you may have to face a great loss. Your profit and losses will be automatically debited or credited from your account. If your account faces any kind of shortage of money, the broker asks you for the cheque.

Introduction to Commodity Pyramid Trading

October 9, 2018


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This article discusses the how to to profit from commodity pyramid trading.

These key points will help you learn this technique:

  1. What is Commodity Pyramid Trading?
  2. Commodity Pillar Trading Comparison
  3. Commodity Pyramid Trading Comparison
  4. Commodity Pyramid Trading Useful Tips

1. What is Commodity Pyramid Trading?

This is a method of trading commodity futures contracts in such a way that when the profit from a single trade equals the current margin for the commodity, the profit is used to self-finance an additional futures contract. This self-financing process can take either of two methods: Pillar trading or Pyramid trading.

The Pillar trading method involves adding one futures contract to your position during each self-finance round, while Pyramid trading adds one futures contract – but from each active futures contract with each self-financing step. This results in a doubling of your position during each self-financing step.

Both pyramid trades and pillar trades (hereinafter referred to as pyramid trades) should exhibit several characteristics which make them high profit potential candidates. These characteristics include:

  • The market is quiet and has exhibited low volatility for several months.
  • The margin for the commodity is relatively low.
  • The market is set up for a major move. This is evidenced by extreme commercial/public signal, as well as a 12-month high or 12-month low on the daily price chart with a likely 1-2-3 Top or Bottom price chart pattern in the process of unfolding.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The biggest danger in any futures trade is a limit move which goes against your position. With a single futures contract, this is risky enough. With multiple futures contracts, this risk is seriously compounded. However, if you monitor the market conditions (both technical and fundamental market conditions) and the financial news on a daily basis, you will generally receive a timely warning of an impending limit move which may go against your position – giving you time to close out your position before that occurs.

The Pyramid Trading Form

The Pyramid Trading Form is at the heart of helping you to successfully implement and manage these trading strategies. It contains areas that will let you monitor and track up to three commodities using this trading strategy. Each area allows for up to 7 futures contracts to be held in the pillar trade position, and up to 64 futures contracts in the pyramid trade position.

How To Identify A Good Pyramid Trade Candidate

At any point in time, there will be several commodities with differing degrees of profit potential. However, it is important that you identify the commodity which has the best chance of being a profitable pyramid trade. This means that you must perform a current analysis of all commodities to identify the commodity that meets the following requirements.

a. You must first use the Commercial/Public selection tools to identify the commodities that appear to be ready to make a major move.

b. Of these commodities, identify those that appear to be making either a 1-2-3 Top or 1-2-3 Bottom in the daily price chart. Calculate the daily 50% retracement target for each one. Also calculate the dollar amount the move represents.

c. Where applicable, use the weekly chart to calculate the weekly 50% retracement target for each commodity. Again, calculate the dollar amount the move represents if the weekly target is attained.

d. Identify the margin requirement for each commodity. The ideal pyramid trade will be one with a relatively small margin requirement and with a dollar amount profit potential that is at least three times the margin requirement for the commodity.

e. The commodity that you select must be a quiet commodity – that is, one which does not have wild price swings.

f. The commodity you ultimately select as the best pyramid trade candidate must also have enough time to allow the move to unfold. This means you need to get into a more distant month to minimize loss from commission switch requirements (which can be expensive with 16 or more contracts in your position). Select the more distant commodity contract month that has 120-180 days available until the Last Trading Day (LTD).

g. The commodity which you have selected must have a daily volume of at least 10,000 contracts for adequate liquidity. Open interest should also be 10,000 or more.

It’s important to remember that once you are in a trade, you must religiously perform an analysis on a daily basis so as to identify any changes in the original analysis that may adversely impact your trade. In addition, you should always monitor fundamental “news” which will affect the price of the commodity. For example, if you’re short Orange Juice – and Florida has a freeze warning – close your position fast!

2. Commodity Pillar Trading Comparison

The commodity pillar trading strategy is the least risky of the two strategies because you only acquire one contract with each applicable price (profit) increase.

An example pillar trade resulted in $12,650 profit (before commissions). During the trade, your total risk was confined to $400 or less. If you had traded only one futures contract (with a 93.79 entry price, and a 94.92 exit price), your gross profit would have been $2,825. The pillar trading strategy produced the additional profit.

3. Commodity Pyramid Trading Comparison

The commodity pyramid trading strategy is the most risky of the two strategies because you acquire two contracts with each applicable price (profit) increase. This results in a risky “inverted pyramid” position which, if not intelligently managed can produce significant losses.

An example Pyramid Trade resulted in $72,200 profit (before commissions). During the trade your total risk was confined to $4,600 or less. Again, if you had traded only one futures contract, your gross profit would have been $2,825. The pyramid trading strategy produced the additional profit.

4. Commodity Pyramid Trading Useful Tips

There are several things which you must do when using the commodity pyramid trading technique described in this course. Failure to do so will likely invite grief into your life.

* You must perform an analysis of the markets to identify an ideal pyramid trading opportunity. Having done that, you need patience and commitment to wait for the inevitable move in price. Your previous efforts at paper trading have given you the confidence and skills to identify major moves. Trust your skills.

* Get into the more distant futures contract to avoid the need to “switch” contracts. The commission on 64 contracts at $40 per contract will cost you an extra $2,560 in commissions each time you switch.

* You must monitor your position daily. This involves being aware of what the analysis “tools” (described in my complete Commodity FUTURES Trading Course) are telling you about the current state of the market.

* Be aware of any “news” items which would have an impact (positive or negative) on the commodity you are trading. For example, if you are short in Orange Juice, a “freeze” warning in Florida will cause price to move against you, and can likely result in a limit move – a catastrophe you should immediately take steps to avoid!

* A price move generally results in a series of minor retracements; leaving a support point during an increase in price, and a resistance point during a decrease in price. It is a sensible strategy to place the stop-loss a little below the support point for the uptrend and above the resistance point for the downtrend.

* Timing of the order entry is critical. You need to predefine what your entry strategy will be during each phase of pyramid trading.

Tips to Become a Professional Binary Options Trader

October 9, 2018


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Your first step to binary options trading is to select a good and reliable broker. While it is easy to commence trading in binary options, making money out of such trades is not as simple. In this article, we list down tips that will help you trade in binary options like successful professionals do. We offer the best online price for blundstone shoes at umisfashion Free Deliveries – Easy Returns – Clear Refund Policy

Research Assets: Binary options are traded with a large number of underlying assets, including equity, index, currencies and commodities. The key to successfully making money in binary options trading depends on the accuracy with which you can predict asset price movements. To acquire this skill, it is necessary to carry out research on the asset that you want to trade on. For example, if you wish to trade a binary option with the underlying asset of ABC Ltd’s equity, be well aware of the fundamentals, recent events, results and issues surrounding ABC Ltd. Similarly, it is important to be informed of the demand, supply dynamics of the commodity you wish to trade on. If you understand the basics of technical analysis, you could complement it with fundamental analysis and narrow down on a potential winning trade. Gofamilyauto

Be well read: The movement of asset prices is influenced by the general global economic scenario to a certain extent. Hence, apart from asset specific factors, it is important to read up on the news and current happenings globally. Further, reading up on mistakes committed by binary options traders will ensure that you do not repeat the same ones.

Know the options available to you: There are different types of binary options trades that you can carry out. Once you are aware of the alternatives available to you, you can utilize them to increase your earnings potential. For example, a Call/ Put option is the most traded one. In this type, you have to predict whether the asset price will trend above or below a pre-determined strike price at the expiry of the option. The 60 seconds option uses the same rule except that the trade expires every 1 minute. In One Touch binary option, you have to predict whether the asset price will at least touch the predetermined strike price once in the lifetime of the contract. In Boundary options, you have to determine whether the asset price will remain in between a predetermined range at the expiry of the contract. Check the binary option types that your broker offers on their trading platform. With the knowledge of these, you can decide on the one that best suits your risk taking appetite and your comfort with predicting the asset price movement.

Mitigate risk: Trading in any asset class is fraught with risk. Thankfully, you can combine two or more contracts to restrict your losses. One such strategy is the ‘pairing strategy’ in which you pair a call option with a put option to mitigate risk and make consistent profits. For example, you enter into a call option contract with underlying asset as stock of ‘XYZ Ltd.’ at a strike price of $20. At the expiry of the contract, you are in a favorable position as XYZ is trading at $25. However, you anticipate that the stock price could plunge owing to a recent negative event. In which case, all your gains through this trade will be wiped out. Hence, you buy a put option on ‘XYZ’ at a strike price of $25. Effectively, you have created a ‘secure’ range between $20-25 by pairing the call with the put binary option contract. If the asset price trends in between, this range of expiry, you stand to gain from both the contracts. If it falls outside the range, then losses from one contract will offset the profits from the other. You can further explore this strategy by choosing your asset, which could be a stock and an index, or two rival stocks.

Trader’s psychology: It is extremely essential that you do not think emotionally while trading. Successful and professional traders know when to cut losses and move on. More often than not, traders tend to enter new contracts in order to offset the loss from the previous trades. This is acceptable as long as you trade within the capital that you have allocated for such trades. Once you trade beyond your allocated capital in order to offset losses, you are taking a huge risk.

To become a professional trader, you have to invest enough time practicing these guidelines. These will then help you succeed in making money through binary options trading consistently and safely.

Binary Options traders should have the correct information to be successful in trading. Professional method of trading is always beneficial. This article provided a short insight into trading binary options. In trading, knowledge is wealth.

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